Wild Betty branding


Situated in the stunning Noosa region, Billy's Brew is a well-loved local brewery that believes in the power of beer to bring people together. This brief required two labels for their new signature craft beer, with the complete creative freedom to design labels that resonates with the laid-back coastal lifestyle of Noosa. 


wild betty moodboard

The design embodies a carefree character who lives each moment to the fullest, representing Noosa in some way.  The research phase found that it is a very trendy place with an abundance of aesthetic cafes and restaurants using lots of pastel colours in their branding. Surfing is a huge part of the culture, so the beer label design needed to reflect that very clearly.

The final design choice has a girl surfing with wild hair and her arms in the air to reflect the name of the beer, Wild Betty. I wanted the main character in this design to appear, wild, free and always having a good time. The second main part of my design are the waves behind Betty, however not traditional waves hence a more cartoon/imaginative theme, this was where I wanted to bring in some beautiful pastel colours.


summer fling moodboard
Summer fling copy

The final design choice cleverly combines the ideas of summer and fling. The lips represent a playful and flirtatious concept, while the inside reflects a vibrant summer scene. This design captures attention with its fun and exciting elements. The summer imagery creates a warm and carefree atmosphere, transporting viewers to a delightful summer oasis. By merging fling and summer, the design embodies the carefree and playful spirit of the season, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking a lighthearted aesthetic.