Lickrish Digital.

Logo Design for Rebrand OF Lickrish Digital

Lickrish DigitalBuilding Businesses & Changing Lives is an exciting digital hub equipping dynamic startups and entrepreneurs with everything they need to know to find, start and grow their online businesses. Having founded and managed her thriving web design and internet marketing agency for over two decades under the banner Fix My Business, Kathie felt it was time for a bright and cheerful rebrand and uplift and commissioned me to design her new logo. 

I recently commissioned Jess to create the new logo for my rebrand and she nailed it! Jess captured the essence of what my brand is about and translated it into a stunning logo. I’m so impressed that Jess is now my go to graphic designer for all my client work. She’s seriously that good! 


Lickrish Digital Rebrand Brief:

Fun, Vibrant, Colourful, Liquorice All sorts-Inspired Logo showcasing Lickrish Digital's unique personality.


The goal was to create a visual representation that reflects the company's lively spirit, innovative approach, and commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions.


To infuse the logo with energy and excitement, a vibrant colour palette was used. Drawing inspiration from the various Liquorice Allsorts colours, the logo featured a good mix of bold and bright colours. The palette included playful combinations of yellows, oranges, greens, pinks, and blues, representing the diversity of services provided by Lickrish Digital.


The logo employed a fun font that complements the overall theme yet is clear, legible, and infused with fun. The chosen font will reflect Lickrish Digital's commitment to staying on the cutting edge of digital trends while maintaining a professional and approachable demeanour.


Icons represent the Liquorice Allsorts candies - incorporating shapes and colours. The intention is to create an instantly recognizable symbol that embodies the essence of Lickrish Digital's new brand identity. 

Lickrish Digital Logo

The logo revamp of Lickrish Digital presented an exciting opportunity to create a new logo that encapsulates vibrancy, creativity, and dedication to digital excellence.