Watermark AJ Waud


A watermark is an essential tool for a photographer to protect their photos from unauthorized use and to establish their brand. By adding a discreet customized watermark to their images they can deter potential copyright infringements and ensure that their work is credited properly when shared online. The watermark should be positioned in a way that doesn't distract from the beauty of the photograph but is still clearly visible. It should include the photographer's name or logo as well as any relevant contact information or website URL. By doing so the watermark not only serves as a protective measure but also as a promotional tool helping to build the photographer's reputation and expand their audience. 


  • Personalised hand written font style watermark
  • Clear and legible full name for easy recognition and credit
  • Discreet placement in the corner of the photograph
  • Adds warmth and approachability with the handwritten font


  • Minimalist watermark design
  • Simple font style
  • Includes your Instagram handle
  • Clear and legible
  • Conveys simplicity and sophistication


  • Simple font style that complements the overall design
  • Incorporates photographer's hometown, New York skyline and a simple camera as sources of inspiration
  • Written in a clear and legible way, ensuring easy recognition and proper credit
  • Provides a unique and recognisable watermark design that sets the photographer's work apart from others


Final watermark design

The client expressed great enthusiasm for the concept of a bird sitting on their name and the idea of incorporating the New York skyline, his hometown. Taking his feedback into account we combined the two elements. This final concept not only captures the client's passion for bird photography, including his favourite species - The Red Tailed Hawk,  but also reflects his life in New York. The design serves as a perfect representation of unique identity and aligns perfectly with personal and professional endeavours.